Beomisk Won, Archisculpture 008, 026 and 028

“The dome gets taller and taller, one balustrade spans the next—yet this spectacular tower was never built; it is merely the result of the collage technique applied by the South Korean artist Won Beomsik (*1972) A deconstruction of the urban landscape that allows new arrangements and connotations, and tells unexpected stories. Archisculpture plays with cultural conventions and blind spots…”

Won’s work originates from the interlocking building blocks; Lego. His gravity-defying drawings are accumulated from an array of images documenting and highlighting the differences in various structures and buildings across a wide timeline. Through the merging of structures, Won does not only alter, warp and abstract the architectural boundaries of the individual buildings but yet, combines the history, identity and meaning behind each formation. This in turn, results in the fusing of various architectural possibilities and nature.

Reflecting upon drawing techniques and collage styles of my own forming previous works, I would like to return to this concept of merging different cities together. Through the blending of styles, materials, history and identity my practice can develop to push the ideals of what defines place, space and non-place and differentiates these concepts from one another. Through returning to this process, I can not only push the idea of merging cities to form futuristic utopias, but also develop my digital photography editing skills upon Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator to produce a new abstract concept of ‘architecture’. Through years of documenting architecture across varying cities and countries I already have an archive of architectural photography to delve into to begin this experimental collection of works.




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